Protecting and Respecting the Privacy of Yourself and Others Online

More and more information is being made available on how young people can protect their own privacy online.  What is not being discussed as much is the importance of respecting the privacy of others, and the consequences if you don't.

Everyone has the right to privacy, both online and offline, and breaches of this privacy by others is a serious matter.  Young people (and many older people as well) do not understand the seriousness of their actions when this privacy is breached, and may regard it as a joke. 

It is therefore important that  young people are informed of their responsibility to keep the privacy of others, due to the fundamental law of respect for persons, and in keeping with privacy and harassment laws.

This website is designed for teachers who wish to learn more about privacy and empower young people with the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to be responsible digital citizens.

Here you will find stories of the privacy of people being breached, information about the Privacy Act, the link between privacy and cyber bullying, strategies for protecting and respecting privacy, and teaching ideas for teaching online privacy.

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